Benefits of Using a Realtor when Buying a Home

Meeting with you and your family grants me the opportunity to assess the type of property you need. This in turn helps me to refer you to a lender most suited to your needs.

You have a life to live, – professional, social and family. Let me do the searching for you, while you life your life without added stress..

You’re not just buying a home; you’re buying into a neighbourhood. I can provide you with vital details such as the proximity of public transport, schools, shopping centers, zoning and utilities details etc.

Unfamiliar with the legalities, paperwork and obligations involved in purchasing property? I am a trained professional thoroughly knowledgeable of such matters. Let me put that knowledge to work for you.

Not used to dealing with lawyers, notaries, home inspectors and the like? Again, I have an established network of associated professionals and can make recommendations to suit your needs.